I originally set up the I’m Not The Alien website in about 2006 for a few reasons; I wanted to understand what the web was all about, I wanted to learn how to do HTML and I had found myself, by default, being the person who organised our annual Le Mans trips.

A website seemed to be the easiest way to keep mates updated of dates and itineraries, however since then it has grown both technically and in scope, initially a couple of hand written versions and now all on WordPress, its easier and better than I can do myself, although understanding a bit about the coding behind itĀ helps.

On the general use it provides me with a hobby of writing it and I confess to enjoying coming up with reports/write ups of the things we get up to – normally with me there, sometimes not.

Currently the blog function gets most use on the cycling pages where with a group of like minded friends we do various rides in the local area as well as occasional events with familes etc included


& I quite like marmite